City of Hollywood

The City of Hollywood has joined the Broward Water Partnership’s water conservation program to help inform our residents about the importance of year-round water conservation. This multi-year program will have an aggressive media campaign to enhance the awareness of water conservation to achieve the program’s goal to save water, save money, and save the environment.

Please show your support and commitment to conserving water by taking the Water Conservation Pledge today. And, please encourage your family, friends, neighbors and other residents to take the pledge too.

The City of Hollywood continues to offer credits on the water bill to their qualifying customers. Learn more about the program.

The City of Hollywood also offers a showerhead exchange program.

City of Hollywood utility customers may also receive a water conservation kit. The kits may be picked up at the City’s water department located in City Hall, or call (954) 967-4455 to request a kit or for more information.

We invite you to participant in these water conservation incentives so that you may start making a difference today.