City of Hallandale Beach

Sue Fassler,

What Conservation Means to Hallandale Beach: Conservation in the City of Hallandale Beach means engaging in a dialogue with our residents, businesses and visitors to better understand their resource consumption patterns and then giving them the tools to create a set of individual goals and actions that will lead to a reduction in the amount of resources that they each consume. Conservation necessitates a willingness to understand and challenge the fact that our society places a heavy emphasis on buying and using more and more resources and products. The City strives to empower its residents to realize that they have the capacity to control what they use every day, in the hope that they will come up with creative conservation solutions and choose to utilize programs that the City offers to help reduce their resource use and overall impact.

Biggest Achievement of 2017: The City of Hallandale Beach launched its Green Initiatives Program webpage ( in 2016. This page includes information about public events and workshops, water and energy conservation programs in the City, recycling tips, links to the quarterly Green Initiatives Newsletter and an overview of climate change and sustainability. In early-mid 2017, the City will embark on the process of creating a Sustainability Action Plan. This Plan, which will engage City staff and residents in creating a document that contains 5 years of targeted actions, will lay the framework for a sustainable and resilient Hallandale Beach.