City of Coconut Creek

Jean Dupuis, Assistant Director
Utilities & Engineering Dept.
City of Coconut Creek
5295 Johnson Road
Coconut Creek, FL 33073

The City of Coconut Creek is proud to partner with Broward County along with 16 other municipalities in a County wide effort to bring water conservation to the forefront of all residents.

This year the City implemented a new irrigation system within our premier park (Sable Pines – approximately 30 acres) with reclaimed water capabilities.

Some Basic water conservation practices include the following and we strongly encourage all County residents to pay attention to some basic water conservation practices:

  • Replacing aerators in kitchen and bathroom sinks (available at the addresses below)
  • Watering the lawn based on its actual needs and following the year-round landscape irrigation water conservation measures and/or local ordinances.
  • Installing low-flow appliances, such as a dishwasher
  • Installing low-flow water fixtures, such as showerheads (available at the addresses below)

All those water saving measures makes the City of Coconut Creek one of the lowest water users per capita in Broward County.