How Do You Save Water?

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When it comes to water conservation, do you “bring it”? Think you have the best, smartest, coolest or most effective way to save water?

Have a need to show it off? We want you to share. Can you top these folks?

  • The man who captures rain water in a bucket and uses it instead of tap water on his indoor plants.
  • The woman who gives up long showers for shallow baths.
  • The woman who blanches her vegetables, then uses the vegetable water on her plants. (We hope she lets it cool first.)
  • The couple that flushes their toilet every other time. (We imagine you get past the yuck factor after a while.)
  • We left this spot for YOU!

The point is that there are hundreds of ways to save water. Those ways range from the large to the small, from the standard to the extreme, with and without technology. Clearly, every drop counts. Swapping out old, water-guzzling toilets for new, WaterSense® approved, High Efficiency Toilets is one good way to conserve. But, you probably have other ways as well.

So tell us your story.

And, read how other people in your community conserve.

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